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Our Kantha Shawls

Our Shawls are made from 2 layers of cotton saris.

They measure approximately 200 cm long and 55 cm wide. They are entirely hand-embroidered.

They are soft, comfortable and can be used for your summer evenings as well as to warm you up in the heart of winter! 


We are working on our website at the moment and our online shop is on hold for now. Feel free to contact us directly via messages and we will send you pictures of our available articles. 

Our Sari Shawls

For those who prefer lightness, this year we have created a collection of Shawls without embroidery, always made from recycled saris. 

They can be made of cotton or silk and can have patches. They are finished with Pompons at the 4 corners.


They measure about 165 cm long and about 100 cm wide. The exact measurements of each item can be found in the article page on our online shop.

They are super soft, incredibly light, and fit easily in your handbag!

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