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At Kanthitu, we work only from saris or fabrics that we recycle.  We sort them and clean them rigorously before creating our articles.

Kantha embroidery consists of assembling saris by embroidering them together to create new items. So our fabrics have already had a first life, and may have irregularities or patches, and that's what makes them UNIQUE!

All our articles are entirely hand-embroidered. The largest pieces require several weeks of work, depending on the stitches and patterns made. 


We propose a rather large range of articles consisting of:

  • The traditional Kantha Quilt, with 3 different sizes, made of 4/5 layers of saris,

  • A range of Kantha Shawls made with 2 layers of saris,

  • Reversible Kantha vests, 3 different sizes, 

  • A variety of Kantha Bags in different sizes and for different uses,

We also work on private project and will be happy to help you with a particular wish (belt, computer bag, ...).

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