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Kanthitu was born in 2018, and was created by Sadat Ahmad Titu from Sylhet, Bangladesh, with the support of Mathilde Foyer.

The Kanthitu Project started from a wish: to promote the traditions of Kantha embroidery, still practiced in Bangladesh, while developing a human project that makes sense!





Originally, Kantha is the art of recycling saris, assembling them into a blanket. To make the layers fit together, women make embroidery stitches, in line or in the form of patterns, and assemble all the layers of saris.  The Kanthitu project is to promote these embroidery techniques, so that the tradition of Kantha embroidery does not fade away!





The human aspect for us is, working with a community of women in Sylhet and its surroundings. These women are, for most of them, housewives, taking care of the children and the tasks inherent in running their homes.  We enable them to have additional income to support the household, while being able to work from home, and another important point, at their own pace! They embroider Kanthas when they have time! We do not impose any rhythm on them. Some will take a week and others several, what counts is that they can work when they want.





We wanted to add meaning to the project by working with textile materials that are only recycled and upcycled materials! We absolutely want to keep this tradition of Kantha and work exclusively with recycled saris, or scraps of fabric recovered from a dressmaker in Sylhet. 

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